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  • Edmures Stand

    A small backwater town affectionately known by locals as End of the Line, Edmures Stand is the farthest town south of the great empire of Tar'shai. It is situated at the head of a small valley that leads to untamed wilderness and ancient civilizations. …

  • The Empty Sack Inn

    [[Edmures Stand]]s finest and only Inn. A sprawling collection of huts and main Tavern connected via covered walkways. Run by Brevis.

  • Portly Pete's Adventureporium

    Located in [[Edmures Stand]] this is simple structure serves as a general store and Pete's home. Since the boom in adventurers coming to town Pete has started to stock a range of basic survival gear.

  • Mangled Metal Blacksmith

    [[Edmures Stand]]s blacksmithy is no different to hundreds of similar affairs located all over the realm of [[Tar'Shai]]. A large wooden building with an open sided barn attached to the side, the only oddity, other than a variety of basic weapons and …

  • Church of Bullshitticus

    The largest church for 200km, noones quite sure why the [[Scholars of Bullshitticus]] have erected this impressive university like structure here. What everyone does know is, that without them [[Edmures Stand]] wouldn't have any coffee, and that would be …

  • Tar'Shai Guard Post

    Surprisingly [[Edmures Stand]] rates a Guard post all of its own. While only staffed by several [[Marshal]]s under the command of Senior Marshal Hervectus Jiore they take the security of the town and its surrounds quite seriously.

  • Tar'Shai

    Tar'Shai, the great empire that has risen from the ashes of the ancients a thousand years past. [[Edmures Stand]] is a small, and the remotest part of it. The Empire is run by the High Architect, a merit based position. The High Architect is voted in by a …

  • Edmures Statue

    This is a statue in [[Edmures Stand]]s town square that represents [[Edmure]] and his Marshals. There may or may not be more to his story than first thought.

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