Edmures Stand

A small backwater town affectionately known by locals as End of the Line, Edmures Stand is the farthest town south of the great empire of Tar’shai.

It is situated at the head of a small valley that leads to untamed wilderness and ancient civilizations. Once just an outpost for soldiers to lay up whilst patrolling the borders, it has in recent months seen a boom of travellers and adventurers looking to cash in on the relics found by locals in a nearby ruin that was uncovered by an intense storm.

In the center of town there is a monument to the towns namesake, Edmure. Named after him for where Edmure and his marshalls fell leading a diversionary attack against a nearby goblin tribe that was invading.

Major Landmarks:

Edmures Statue
The Empty Sack Inn
Portly Pete’s Adventureporium
Mangled Metal Blacksmith
Tar’Shai Guard Post
Church of Bullshitticus

Edmures Stand

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